Bethany spent nearly a year in Burma when she was 18, living the life of a monk.  Buddhists wake up really early. She had a chance encounter with Aung San Suu Kyi on her very last day in the country.   Suu Kyi asked all the questions, then told her; get an education, above all.

Scott Moffatt

This is Councillor Scott Moffatt.  He grew up in Kars, just outside of Manitock, and has roots to this part of the world that predate even the word “Ottawa.” As we all know, Ottawa is actually a small town pretending to be a big city, and Scott pretty much manifests that wonderful duality.  Hobbies include…


Stepping into Andrea’s house is like stepping into Andrea’s heart.  It teems with life, and colour and chattering voices.  They serve excellent coffee. I thrill at people who live by simple truths, who are honest and thoughtful and give good answers to hard questions.