Reasons Why Insurance Quotes are Essential

Buying insurance cover for your business is a great thing because you are assured that a certain percentage of risks have been taken care of in case they occur. Small or large businesses require insurance covers, as they are prone to many risks which may lead to losses if they happen. As such, business owners…

The Process Involved When Hiring Wedding Photographers

Unlike child birth, getting married is likely one of the most important events of our lives that we can schedule. It is a momentous occasion that deserves to be cherished and well-remembered.  One of the best ways you can help in remembering the occasion is through wedding photographs.  Of course, not all wedding photographs will…


Well, obviously. You bought me the camera in the first place. Came to almost every shoot with me, made me to see it through. Indulged my photographic-related self-absorption. You carried the heavy bag. You always do.

Hey There, Friend.

Is it time for a party?  I think so. Let’s pay this forward.  Proceeds from the the show and any sale of prints, books, or other mischief will go to Operation Rainbow Canada.  They care about faces the same way I do.  Let’s give them occasion to smile.


Bethany spent nearly a year in Burma when she was 18, living the life of a monk.  Buddhists wake up really early. She had a chance encounter with Aung San Suu Kyi on her very last day in the country.   Suu Kyi asked all the questions, then told her; get an education, above all.

Scott Moffatt

This is Councillor Scott Moffatt.  He grew up in Kars, just outside of Manitock, and has roots to this part of the world that predate even the word “Ottawa.” As we all know, Ottawa is actually a small town pretending to be a big city, and Scott pretty much manifests that wonderful duality.  Hobbies include…


Stepping into Andrea’s house is like stepping into Andrea’s heart.  It teems with life, and colour and chattering voices.  They serve excellent coffee. I thrill at people who live by simple truths, who are honest and thoughtful and give good answers to hard questions.


In this town, everyone knows someone who spent their life on the Hill.  Long hours and thankless, it takes more than a little gumption. That’s Margit. She’s been in the service of Canadians practically since the day she arrived at age 17. We owe her a really big thank you. Or at least, I do. …


Dolly was born “Upon the Sea” (in Shanghai).  When the family left, they journeyed by boat, through the Suez Canal to England, where she lived for a time before coming to Canada.  She was a nurse. Her daughter, Kerry, took her back  to the city a while ago.  They’re having the front doors from her…

Alan Neal

Alan is kind of a big deal. I didn’t actually know this, because his CBC show, All In A Day, caters to the after-work crowd, and my commute does not involve a radio. Turns out it’s been my loss. While we’re chatting, a perfect stranger introduces himself to Alan, tells him he’s the very best…